Friday, May 30, 2008

Lisi was up and at 'em this morning

After a good night's sleep, she was ready to dive back into the fray. She wasn't as scared as she was last night. I have several friends who work in juvenile detention centers and they were just great with suggestions on how to let it just roll off her shoulders.

She has the community academy graduation to attend tonight; she worked on that program for almost a year and wanted to see "her" graduates.

She is working all weekend, so we left early and are here in MB. I bought new towels and a new rug for the bathroom and have spent the afternoon scrubbing down my (real) paneling. I bought some seashore lace curtains and have to shorten them for the kitchen and dining room. I think I'll have enough of the plain lacey part to make a curtain for the outside door. I have a really classy bath towel there now...push pinned up for privacy. Very classy.

I'm going to the shell shop tomorrow and buy some shells to trim out the very plain and ugly bathroom mirror. There are two small medicine cabinets that will get the same treatment.

I'm also stopping by the Cotton Ball to get something to line the linen closet shelves. I have miles of old lace that I'll staple to the fronts. I'll make a newspaper pattern of the door (it has a little support 1 x) and cut foam core and cover it to co-ordinate. Probably some oceany-light blue print.

Dinner is on (grilled oysters and vegetables) and the fog is rolling in.
Nice breeze coming in off the ocean and the doors and windows are flung open. It smells great!

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Paulie said...

I am sooooooo jealous. I miss going to to the ocean -- that was the best part about living in California. Here , it is two hours away. If I drove, I would go every week. I wish I could live at the beach. . .

Catching up -- I see I missed at least one other post.