Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girlie started work at juvenile hall today

She was in street clothes, going on her walkabout with another officer. They were walking past the classrooms and the kids, being kids, were doing that little prairie dogs head poppin' outta the room, trying to get a gander at her.

Evidently, one of the boys had something crude to say, so he got capped/written up/put in time out. Since I work with these same kinda guys (only older), I have a pretty good idea what was said.

So, yeah, I told her.


She works second watch now (so do I). And just like me, she is wearing clothes a size too big. No reason to have those pervs gawkin' atchu.

I have to wear closed toe shoes because I have pervs who will crawl under my desk and lick my feet. It is exactly as icky as it sounds.


Paulie said...

Good luck to Girlie.

keri said...

good luck little sister