Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to You

I have my two home with me this weekend. Boy-o is cooking this morning after we dash out to the market. Yesterday was Girlie's last day with the PD; tomorrow she starts a new job with county corrections.

While Boy-o does the brunch stuff, I'll hose of the back and front porches and clean up the pool house bathroom. Really not a lot of WORK, just chores that always need to be tended to. (During the summer, we have a trail blazed from the back door to the
pool to the jacuzzi and if a chore isn't on the trail, it gets overlooked.) I even got a phone call from Micheal and Ash, on their way to Ogden!

Menu for brunch:
French toast (he uses egg yolks, brown
sugar and cream to soak the cinnamon bread in)
Omelets in a bag (one egg, three yolks
whirred up. Pick a quarter cup of bacon, sausage, scallions, colored bell peppers, cheese--more than a quarter cut and it doesn't cook up right). Pour your omelette into a zip lock bag and boil it for 13 minutes. Perfection.
Bacon wrapped figs (dried mission figs,
wrapped with a half slice of bacon. Yum).
Mexican Flags--Basil-grape
tomatoes-quarters of motzarella balls on a skewer, dizzled with vinaigrette.
(Pomegranate in this case) Yummers.

Then we sit outside, watch the fish in a clean pond (monumental job), watch the dogs play and eat and talk in the sunshine. Talk about the roses, which are overblown (just the way I like them) and about ready to drop. The entire contents of the fish pond has watered them for the last few weeks, so ofter these blooms drop, there will be more.) The photos looks so lovely because it is early yet and still cool.
There are worse ways to spend a Sunday!

I tried hard, hard, very hard to get a hair appointment AND get my nails done yesterday. Everyone had taken the day off--so I took that as a sign from God that I looked good enough.

So Happy Mother's Day to my mothers- Inez and Idell;daughters- Lisi, Julie and Keri, my grand daughter Ash and my sister and friends- Judy, Pat, Charlie, 'Nusan, Tia, Marji, Shawnie, Kimmie, Cher, Paulie and all.

I hope you have one of those easy family "things" and as I eternally told my two-"No fighting, no biting!"


keri said...

happy mothers day i hope you have a wonderful day!! dont work to hard. ash and i had a girls day out yesturday and we waited an hr just to get our nails done!! but we had you

charliwrites said...

Sounds like a great day for you! I am having a good day too, although we are celebrating with my kids on Monday eve....My hubby has made my day fun, with a special breakfast and then lunch out. He's sweet!

Paulie said...

Looks like you had a great Mother's day! My kids don't bother to come but one son did send a card and a gift certificate. I took myself out to eat at Rib City and it was yummy.

Cheryl aka ~Cher~ said...

Why thank you.........It was a lovely day with my family and some extended family members.
I got what I wanted...........a compost bin!!!!!!!!
HOpe your day was special too!