Monday, May 26, 2008

Here. You can thank me later

This is my bubble game.
When I think I'm hungry and I'm really not? This helps.
When I'm worried over never selling my house and spending the rest of my life weeding? This helps.
When I'm worried that if I retire, I will end up sleeping in a cardboard box? This helps.

None that I know of. Try to knock off one color if at all possible. Two colors together get knocked out by a third. Try to alternate sides or one will scroll down and boot you off.


Paulie said...

No more bubble games for me. It used to consume me. I quit when I finally won and had a huge score. Somewhere I have a screen shot saved of it. I told myself, never again.

Novel said...

This is really a note for Paulie!

The idea is to get as LOW a score as possible and still clear the board.

Please don't blame me if you get hooked again ;o)

keri said...

thank now iam hooked on bubbles i have been playing it for the last cpl of hrs