Saturday, May 03, 2008

I am not in Petaluma with the Harlot

Poor,poor me. Poor Marji.

I didn't even know the Harlot was coming.I thought she was home with Mr. Washy until the middle of the month. I just happened to be reading her blog and she was flying to the Bay Area.

So we missed it. And here it was-payday weekend.
Maybe it was like yarn kharma---we have been unfaithful to our stash and this is what we get.
Here is a vid about the inner yarn harlot


Paulie said...

Not sure what you wrote but I guess you were talking about a great friend. Good to have those.

charliwrites said...

Okay, I'm the late bloomer...I still don't get it...who or what is the Harlot?