Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scrapbooking for me!

Evidently, the part of my brain that can knit is on hiatus. I have been struggling with a pair of fingerless mitts and simply cannot get on board with the pattern....which is a no brainer. I know I have done/can do this, but for some reason, it is just not clicking. So I am putting it away and starting a new sit around project.

Tomorrow (today), I'll stop at Walgreen's and get all the photos of the hotel printed up. Although standing at the little kiosk and monkeying with the photos is entertaining, it sure was a lot simpler when you just dropped off the roll and got a mish-mash of photos back. I figure it will take AT LEAST an hour to chose, crop and monkey with them. THEN, while they are being developed, I'm going to the scrapbook store to stock up on fresh supplies...not too many, since there lies madness. Just enough to keep me busy this weekend.

Lisi gets her first paycheck on Friday and is quite excited. She is really enjoying her job---it is a perfect fit for her. Part event planning and part chatting to the public, it seems to be custom made for her right now. She even likes the classes in her major---but then, criminal justice is just all around entertaining, if you don't take it overly seriously.

I am back at work after a year long absence. They are being very accommodating--tomorrow(today) I will be going thru stacks of files. I tested on Wednesday and did paperwork on Tuesday. I am TIRED. Just the chatting and the people and the walking in real shoes has worn me out. (I wore real clothes and real shoes for 2 days in a row...ALL DAY. And I drove back and forth to work.)
I came home too tired to do much more than fix dinner and clean up the kitchen. Mike came home and wanted to go swimming (it's really hot) and the idea of finding and putting on my suit and walking out to the backyard was JUST. TOO. MUCH. Maybe on Thursday. For sure on Thursday so I can get some sun.


Novel said...

You drove to work?! Does that mean you are finding a way to control the dizziness? I do hope so :o)
Well done on getting through your first few days back. It IS exhausting, isn't it? Thank goodness they are being accommodating. Hope you feel appreciated.
Glad Lisi is enjoying her job so much. A lady who lives on our estate is called Lisi too. Until I read your blog, I had never heard of another one. It's an unusual name. Is she christened that or is it her nickname?
Hope to catch you online soon.
Look after yourself.

Paulie said...

Let us know how the scrapbooking comes along. . . I think you said something about a website besides the coffee table book. . .

I am vegging out for the rest of the week. Am moved but not settled. It was hard work moving, sorting and tossing stuff and fighting allergies that made my eyes hurt so much I rubbed them raw. I will get my complete refund back from the place I formerly lived at because they said I did such a nice job of cleaning. . . well, geeze, isn't that expected? I guess not because sometimes people"leave" because they are put in nursing homes or 6 feet under the ground. . .

So glad to be back online. . .