Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yard sailing...found a highboy!

I've been looking for a narrow something with drawers that will fit into a narrow niche in my new closet. I have the velvet lined jewelry organizers and wanted something I could simply put these trays in....and maybe have a couple of lingerie drawers, as well. We were yardsailing and I found a 1903 highboy for TEN DOLLARS. The drawers need to be remade and it needs to cleaned up...but it is in great shape with a pretty inlaid wood pattern on the doors...did I mention that the jewelry drawers are hidden behind a pair of doors? Original hardware and those really cool wooden wheels.
Yes, I scored big time, I know.
Luck, not talent.

Photos later on. I never have my camera when I need it!


Anonymous said...

In this heat?

But, well done!

Paulie said...

I can hardly wait for the before and after photos. Lucky you! Lucky me as one day I hope to see it in person.