Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A -sandin' and a-strippin'

I have several antique pieces I've had in storage at the shop that we got out of a tear down. The house was built in 1880 and I believe that there was pigeon shit on these pieces dating FROM that year. A lot. A whole lot.

Here is what I worked on today.
Headboard with dirt and all (there is a foot board, too)

This is a twin size; Mike is going to build a frame with drawers underneath it for the mattress. The room this goes in is going to be my guest/sewing room and will have this in there, too...along with a double armoire that I haven't found yet. When I re-do this fainting couch, I'll do it upstairs, where the sewing stuff will be.
That band at the bottom looks a little like I'll pick up that detail in the curtain headers. Trust me on this one. I can do it.


Headboard Detail..the curlieques and rosettes will all be gold leafed

So today, I got this REALLY smart idea. I would start sanding the iron bedstead...that would tire me out. I really need to put laundry away/vacuum/clean the fridge/clean the office/weed...but NONE of those chores really appealed to me as a tire-me-out activity. (And I need to get tired because I haven't slept in a couple of days.)

Now, if you have never cleaned up 127 years of pigeon shit and lead paint (oh, I am sure it is lead paint), well, suffice to say you simply do not know the meaning of boring. I have photos so you can see how hard I worked.

This took all morning (from 7am until noon).

Sanding entertains ME for about 5 minutes. It is only interesting for about that long. And the foot board weighs about 50 pounds, which didn't stop me from dragging it outside, hosing it off and dragging it back inside the shop every time my hands started to hurt.

And I am TIRED.


Paulie said...

One day it will all be worth it.

I started subbing again. . . my 13th year of subbing. I have a job for tomorrow and Friday and Monday also. I hope they don't call me the rest of the week because I have to get finished moving. I found a room to rent. I can hardly wait to get settled again.

Paulie said...

I meant Tuesday -- Monday is a holiday.

I came back for the photos. . . what a lot of work! It is going to be beautiful. I hope you will one day make a scrapbook with your photos for your coffee table so guests can look at it AND the real thing/final products.