Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

We had a great time! Both kids, my mom, my husband and I went out to the Mother's Day breakfast at Courthouse Square. We got all dressed up with fancy hats, piled into the touring car (with the top down).
This is a 1924 Dodge Brother's Special Edition and it just goes like the wind! (Well, at 40 mph, it feels like we are just flying down the road!)
There's my Mom and kids---she has an armload of presents. I made her a lightweight is long and skinny, like an over sized shawl...perfect for over her shoulders when it is drafty and just right for tucking in over her legs and not getting caught up in the wheels. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but I had over estimated my knitting speed.
Mom is so funny....she told me at Christmas that she hoped she lived long enough to get it for Mother's Day. Talk about pressure to finish!

I didn't realize how SHORT I am compared to the kids...I'm 5'6" and look how they tower me!
I was equally "taller" than my mother, who was 5'2" and I thought she was a shrimp. If this goes on, my grandkids will be 6'5"!

Oh, my mother is OLDER than the car but she said that she felt like the Queen of England on tour. Evidently, this is one fancy car! It is in almost perfect blue velvet seats, dove gray paint job and as you can see, it is totally air conditioned.

I am looking forward to showing this car for a few years and I am looking for a fancy hat to wear with my mink coat in the Christmas parade. (The Christmas parade is a BIG deal here in our little town.) I have a very fancy "Titanic" type of hat with pheasant feathers that I think will work. Mike will wear a derby, morning coat and long is COLD for the Christmas parade!


Paulie said...

Neat automobile and hats! Nice to see your whole family. Looks like your Mom is able to use her hands again too. Great essay.

Paulie said...

Found the info for you IF you choose to get rid of the "word verification" like I did.

Do this:

Click on customize in the right hand corne of your main blog page.

Click on settings. It is the middle one between posting and template.

Then find "comments" -- 4th from left. When you get to that page click NO on shwo word verification for comments.

That's all there is to it.

But should you choose to leave it, I shall have to put up with writing the words. :o(