Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A B C All About Me!

Paulie at postcardsfrompaulie has tagged me. So here goes!

A- Attached or Single? Very muchly married

B- Best Friend- Marji and Pat...I talk to them every day

C- Cake or Pie- neither one blows my dress up. Too much sugar

D- Drink of choice- Root beer

E- Essential Items- Moisturizer, eyelash curler, lip gloss and some sun

F- Favorite color- turquoise

G- Gummi Bears or Worms- Can I just choose licorace?

H- Hometown- Porterville, CA

I- Indulgence- Facials and pedicures

J- January or February?- February....closer to spring

K- Kids- 4: Keri, Julie, Ben and Lisi

L- Life is incomplete without- family (reading books with the dogs laying around)

M- Marriage Date- July 8,1998

N-Number of Siblings- Two sisters and a brother we adopted cause he fits so well with our family

O- Oranges or Apples?- man-eating oranges

P- Phobias/Fears- creepy crawlies

Q- Favorite Quote- "It's not good, it's not bad, it just is"

R- Reason to Smile- when my kids descend on me with the mess and the noise and the babies and the dogs

S- Seasons - Spring

T- Tags- marji over at tangledstrings

U- Unknown fact about me- My life is an open secrets here! (Easier that way).

V- Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? It's all here for us to use, isn't it?

W- Worse Habit- worrying

X-X-rays or ultrasounds- either

Y- Your Favorite Food- sushi AND sashimi

Z- Zodiac- What sign was I born under? "Closed"


Paulie said...

Thanks for doing it. Love reading other people's responses.

Paulie said...

Hey, Chloe, you might want to check out this knitting contest. . . .