Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update on hotel

Things have slowed down, as they always do, during the good weather. The crew is busy working on customer jobs, not on my projects. During the winter, there isn't much work---no one wants work done in their home during the holidays OR the wet weather. That's when we work on the hotel.

Right now, all we are doing is moving books from this house to the library and working on the stained glass. The interior transoms (11 of them) are almost ready to be installed. The next bit of the project is the stained glass for the library. The pattern I picked has 172 cuts for each of the six windows. (The ones we are doing right now have a mere 95. Times 11 windows).

THEN I think we will work on the skylight. It has to be rebuilt and reglazed before the new stained glass goes up. This particular set of four windows are going to have a LOT of beveled glass, because the whole POINT of a skylight is to let in light all day long.

Once the skylight is rebuilt, we can put up the gigantic moldings (36 inches) and paint. The skylight is 2 stories above the lobby, so there is a lot of painting in the skylight, the lobby, hallways and stairwell.

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