Monday, May 14, 2007

Photos on their way

There are quite a few pieces that I am taking to the hotel from this house. For one thing, I have this HUGE entertainment center (yard sale) that we are going to use as a china cabinet. It will have to go on a base (which will have drawers for my table linens), and glass on all the open doors (to cut out all the dusting) and a shelf where the television is for my soup tureens and seasonal doodads. And lights! I have to have lights so that everyone can be dazzled by my sparkling crystal!

We have three pianos in this house and I have been talked into taking all three. We have the room and what the heck are we going to do with them anyway? I'm doing "God Bless the Broken Road" for the piano bench in the lobby and a magnolia blossom wreath for the piano bench in the dining room.

I have several old fashioned stoves that I use as buffets on the patio; they will go up on the veranda. One of them...a round Swedish stove...will be re-nickeled and blacked and fixed up for an electric fire in my bedroom. Another one is going to be my actual stove in the kitchen. (It is all fixed up to work like a "real" just looks really cool.)

I have one wall in my bedroom where the Eastlake organ will go...I just use it to display family photos anyway and it will look nice on that one empty wall. (God knows, I can't just have an EMPTY WALL).

The overly romantic pictures with the extremely expensive frames (so expensive that I have never told my husband exactly how much I spent on them. Suffice to say that Prince Charles would have raised a HUGE fuss. It was one of those extravagances that REALLY only cost pennies, if you count how many times I look at them and love the way they look. Really. Just pennies per glance.)

I have a HUGE round dining room table (room for 18...can you believe it?) but I need to get new chairs. I do not like the dining room chairs we have now. Never have. Ugly. Uncomfortable. Clunky looking.

I'm not sure where all of the animal heads are going to go. (Hey! I didn't kill them...I liberated them from the trash heap.) There is no room in the library; no room in the lobby, no way they are going off in a yard sale. I love them. Maybe in the back hallway, which isn;t really the back's the hallway we use when we use the elevator.

I'm going to teach my own self how to upholster, since I have a much more extravagant taste than cash. I found a fainting couch that I'm going to recover in a leopard print velvet with burned out velvet pillows...very '20's. I found a beautiful burgundy paisley chenille that I'm going to recover my grandmother's chair with...this will go in the library, too.

I have almost all of the fabric and almost all of the furniture....and I think the first project will be the veranda....get that all furnished and fixed up so I can watch the cars drive by. Then I have plenty of projects to work on after work..since I don't have all that yardwork to do!

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