Friday, May 18, 2007

Dr. Migraine is in

I woke up to what I thought was a lightening storm...just inside my head. I've taken the usual barrage of pills and hope that it will just stall itself out. There for a while, I thought I was going to just call an ambulance, tell them I was having a stroke and let them deal with it.

This morning the sunlight is low and soft...very pretty outside the windows. Lots of birds. My new chicken is...well, happy isn;t the word, nor is lonely. She is in the big coop all by herself and slept in her box last night. She will get used to it and spend more time on the perches. She is too young yet to lay and I am thinking of getting a few more to keep her company, although I'm not sure that chickens are smart enough to understand company.

I have been using a curry comb on Tank...he has enough hair to make extra dogs every day! No wonder the kitchen floor was a flurry every day. The daily combing has helped a lot...and he enjoys the extra attention. I have never had such an attention hog before in my life. The other two dogs don;t mind a little petting on the occasion (note: seldom and little)

Still having a devil of a time with the knitted mittens. I KNOW for a fact I have used DPNs and successfully in the past but this project has been yanked out more than once. Somehow, it manages to twist itself...and I'm being CAREFUL! Nothing to do but to continue to battle with it. I have some mending to do on some that I can manage. A moron could manage mending, so it is no great accomplishment. I have a basket of loose buttons to work on, as well.

We might go to the coast this weekend....a change is as good as a rest, I guess. Girlie got her hair cut went from wait-length to chin length and she is considering a pixi cut. It looks very cute and will be cooler for this very hot summer. She will be working at a satallite station for the police department, so it will be a change from pulling it up in a pony tail. She has bought all kinds of cute new outfits....her college student semi grunge look is over.

I have a neuro appointment at the end of the month...will need to rearrange some other appointments to fit him in. I'll leave that to next week. I think maybe I will go lie down in a dark room for a little bit. I wouldn;t wish migraines on my worst enemy...which makes me wonder about the kind of person who wished THIS on me!!

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Paulie said...

Sorry you are feeling so poorly -- it means things can only get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beginning to think I would make a good thief -- going today to re-take my fingerprints for the third time! Makes me wonder what is happening to my hands since I never had to do this before . . . well, did a re-take once in LA when they got their new machine to do it. This year, the first time was with hand fingerprinting and the second with their new machine. Third time is with machine too. sigh