Monday, May 21, 2007

My daughter is going to give me a heart attack

And if she doesn't manage, I am sure my work will do me in
She got rear ended this morning on her way to school. Did she call the police? Don't be silly. She is calling the insurance company right now....SIX HOURS after the accident. She did exchange info with the driver....but the ONE and ONLY time I did that and didn't call the police, I ended up paying for the entire repair my own self.

When she told me, I went berserk....and she got snippy....which, if the tables were turned, I would have done the same. EXCEPT I'm the one paying for all the insurance.

Then I got a call from work. They need a memo to the warden so he can approve my health insurance while I am off work. Never fear, taxpayers, I will repay it all either when I go back to work or when I retire. It comes right off the top.

Then I got a call from SDI....they need a note from my doctor to send me any more payments. Also, I need to send in a memo to them, explaining why the dates on all of the doctor's notes are wrong. (Because my doctor is an idiot, that's why.) He's a great guy, he just is no good with paperwork. My FMLA was expired before he managed to get the paperwork in correctly. It took him FIVE times. I was almost ready to just fill it in myself, since every time I dragged it back in to him he would get so frustrated. Although what he had to be frustrated about is beyond me...I'm the one on leave without pay.

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