Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby sweater for Jack just needs to be seamed up

Of course, I forgot my seaming needles, so I will be forced to go out today to ONLY buy the needles. Well, and maybe some lace curtains for the kitchen and the hallway door. If I can find the lace with the lighthouses on it. While I'm out, I'm stopping for fish and chips at this dive over by the Coast Guard station.

Swatching Darling's cardigan this morning, while all the cleaning spray in the bathroom does it's job. Looking quite forward to getting this knitted up, since I bought the yarn three entire years ago. It's a pretty blue cashmere and I'm using a Sarah James pattern.

I did laundry here at the coast and left it pegged on the line overnight, so it is still damp. Won't need it until tonight anyway. I really don't LIKE having to do laundry here (or clean or cook). I want the beach house to be more like a hotel, where no one bothers me. Unfortunately, that is not the way the world works.

I brought my extra vacuum cleaner and forgot the hose part at home. Forgot the sheets. Forgot the towels. Brought the carpet cleaner but THAT does me no good, since I can't vacuum before hand. My plan, since I have three days, was to vac the whole house, drapes, everything. Maybe by next week, I'll have decided to change out the drapes (which I hate.) I'm thinking some tab topped ones, with a thermal backing. I have three big windows in the living room and they came with icky cheap white blinds. Hate 'em.

Tomorrow, if it is warm, I'm going to work in the yard. Once it warms up, that will take about 10 minutes. I need to remember to load some bricks in the car so I can enlarge my little patio AND buy some stepping stones, so I can put in a little sidewalk around the back. The ground is soft there and not especially level, so that is an afternoon's worth of project. I have a little storage shed that I want to move up against the house because it blocks my view of the water. (Was that dumb or what? Whose idea was that?)

That little spot is where I'm putting my little herb garden-it is the sunniest little bit. I have a huge box of bulbs I'm putting in the the little front garden, along with poppy seeds. Something pretty for the long mild spring we have here. It starts in March and stretches out thru November. Then there is summer, from December to February. My kind of weather.

Took the kayak out to just past the rock. Choppy, choppy, choppy. When the weather is like that, I KNOW that the sharks come in past the breakwater and are swimming RIGHT UNDER ME.

I know it.
So that sorta takes the fun out of it. And the older I get, the lest chances I feel like taking.
And just in case you think I am crazy about the sharks? Some gal got EATEN in Avila, which is just on the other side of the point. Eaten. Like, eaten up DEAD. People on the shore saw the attack but her body was never recovered.

Yeah, I know.

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Paulie said...

Gosh! I thought you had already changed the drapes/curtains in yurr beach house. . . never a dull moment!