Saturday, March 22, 2008

A day with my best friend

Marji and I have been friends since we were 12. I will be retiring in 2.91 years, so that is one long time. And we still can talk all day and NOT run out of things to say.

Because of our schedules, we can email every day, but we manage to actually see each other maybe twice a year...and even THAT is a major scheduling production.

But today, we got to spend the entire day (along with daughters Miss B and Girlie), with a 75% knitting ratio (Girlie doesn't knit). We exchange presents because we always do. I got a loverly skein of smooshy sock yarn in colorway Pansy Golightly, mainly because I have been griping at great length at the alpaca dirt afghan.

We talked and talked and talked. Once upon a time we drove to SF for a Britex fix and by the time we go home, we were totally hoarse. Of course, just the road part of the trip was 8 hours.

So Miss B fixed us a lovely light lunch, Mr. T came out of his internet cave to say hello and the four of us yap-yap-yapped the day away. I can't tell you how much I treasure out multi decade connection; if you've never had a close friend for over 40 years--there is nothing like it. There is not much that we don't know about one another's histories that so there isn't that pesky learning curve. When we were in high school, I think we had probably 90% of our classes together.

And there is no one I would rather have know me so well. She gets me and I get her.
And that is a rare commodity in this world.

So here's to you, Catwoman! I had a great time. Let's not let it take so long to get together again. You are funny and smart and totally entertaining and I love you like a sister.


Anonymous said...

Back atcha Sweetums! And tell The Golden Girl she looks great and she's the only person I know of on the Planet who can pull off a headband with that level of insousciance. (And you KNOW your Mum was only upset you were coming up here because it was ME.)

Paulie said...

Wonderful to have such a friend.