Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring here tomorrow

We get about 16 days of spring was one of them. Tomorrow, photos, I promise! I think a little before and after would be appropriate, since I'm weeding and cleaning. I would prefer to weed, since it is one of those chores that has a beginning and ending. UNLIKE cleaning, which has no end in sight.

I'm going to the nursery tomorrow for honeysuckle to go in the middle flowerbeds. My yard is so huge that I have front flowerbeds, side flowerbeds, the driveway bed and middle beds that wrap around the house.

Then there is the side and back yards.
Shade beds, plantings around the outbuildings and then my vegetable garden. Tomorrow, I put in asparagus and tomatoes, as well as some grapes on my old clothesline. That's where I have my big potting table and I'd like a little shade in the afternoon.

This house is going on the market in two years. I have to get the outside ready because NO ONE in their right mind will buy it if it looks like as much work as it is. But i know that there is someone out there who would like a huge Victorian with an equally huge yard, huge vegetable garden, guest house, pool house and pool and a koi pond. It is really lovely but a LOT of work....when I wasn;t working, it didn;t seem to be so much but now that I'm working again, it is A. LOT.

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Paulie said...

I swear you must post right after i visit. Lovely ideas for your place. 2 years huh?