Sunday, March 09, 2008

Me and my head

I'm on an eight day cycle. That means every eight days, my head will bring me to my knees. And as much as I hatehatehate the ER, at 0330, that is where you'll find me about twice a month. I'm at the clinic about that often. It just depends on the time and the day of the week.

The upside---and there is an upside---is that I rarely have to wait for hours. The other day, I was in and on my way home in 15 minutes. I have a little recipe that works and I don;t get any flack for the amount of drugs I want.

The down side is missing work. I manage to make four days, reliably. I might even manage five days in a row, but my supervisor's are very understanding about the time I miss. They never give me any flack. Of course, when I am there, I drive my students like a herd of cows. My paperwork is perfect and on time. Need some new teachers trained? Send them to me. Need someone to get john's order put together and sent in? Say no more. So what I can do, I do. And when I can't do it, I don't worry about it.

So the pills from San Francisco have helped. A lot. They aren't miracle drugs, by a long shot, but that is what Dr. Nagy and the Migraine Clinic is for.

I still have trouble sleeping. It is better when I can spend part of the evening in the hot tub, but I'm waiting for the new top. The old one lasted ten years and then this winter, it just fell apart on the inside. So sitting for hours, neck deep in steaming hot water isn't an option right now.

I try to stay busy. Work is that. Just work. And it stays there. I don't drag it home. So I have a lot of time at home to do things....right now, with the good weather, it is gardening and cleaning up the outside so that when the weather is SO HOT that I can just let it go. There are always chores to do in the house and my children--Boy-O and Girlie--are really good about helping me with projects I have no hope of finishing.

I knit. I sew. I write.
And I hope I don't wake up with a headache.

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Paulie said...

I would have thought by now you would have put up a sign that said "Headaches for the Hauling."