Saturday, March 15, 2008

It is POURING Rain

We spent most of the day on the patio, barefoot in the mild spring weather. Jeans and a light sweatshirt kind of weather. The sky was so blue and clear; neighbors were strolling by and doing the little hand-raise kind of wave, which is more than friendly enough for me. Then I went to the market for pie makings and bok choy and the sky on the other side of town was just black. So I'm thinking, poor people at home (100 miles away) getting rained out. Too bad.

And just now, the sky got black and the heavens just opened up. Sheets of rain. Great gusts of wind. I'm looking out to the ocean and it looks all it's not a big Pacific storm. Just pouring down hard enough so that I probably won't
have to wash the car. Seriously. It is pouring hard enough to make me say "Wow".

And I've got corned beef, new potatoes and new carrots from my little garden and bok choy (I need to plant some of this stuff) on the stove. Whacked up some pot pie stuff for tomorrow...and since I had the dough out, I made a peach and apricot pie.

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Paulie said...

Well, rain here too while everyone else gets more snow.