Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We are still locked down

Maybe next week. Or not.
I have several guys who have been locked up for 90 (not to be confused with being locked down. Locked up is sort of like being in the corner. Locked down involves knives, physical violence and handcuffs.) So I called this morning, trying to find out if these guys were coming back or what.

What was the answer. No one knows what's up with these two. So when lockdown is over, these guys will have to come to class. They won't, so then the clock starts up all over again. I write more paper and they get in trouble all over again. (The last two guys who pulled this nonsense on me got five and SEVEN extra years tacked onto their sentences. And not only was it a surprise to me, it was a total surprise to them.)

Prison is a really odd place, with odd but regular rules. The only thing to do is to rat yourself out, apologize and pray that when the tornado is all over and soon. I'm not sure what is going to happen to these two but in my experience, something will.

I had an educational visit today, too. One would think that the term "educational" would somehow mean that it would would have something to do with...well, books or plans or something.

Au contraire.
It was about counting chairs and telling me to rearrange my room and have these five big tables taken out of my room. Three of them won't fit. I've tried a dozen times. They won't go. My boss says yes they will, so I guess they will. However, I can;t drag all of this stuff out into the all to leave, nor can I leave all this junk out in the loading bay, since someone might try to hide in the big mess, escape and throw our count off. (A very bad thing).

So tomorrow, I have to post all of the paperwork in the ed files (sort of like the permanent record in real schools) and move furniture around. In case we ever get students again. Right now, I have 56 guys on lockdown, with no release date for any of them.

And I am still not happy at home. But that will blow over. I won't forget it, but it will blow over. Sometimes I think it is a bad thing that I remember this stuff. Then other times, I think it is a good think that I can remember the crap that goes on. Otherwise, I'd think everything was hunky-dory.


Paulie said...

Well, the good news is that it can't get any worse?????

Novel said...

It's so totaaly weird that you have students who do so well and then suddenly no students because they are in lock down or lock in. It must drive you crazy keeping on top of who is where! Thank goodness you are as organised as you seem to be :o)
Still, rather you then me x