Friday, March 28, 2008

I am SO allergic to alpaca

The recently completed Alpaca Dirt was left on the back of my chair last night. I was working on Peggy'sRuthie'sJack's sweater and got itchier and itchier....took a benydryl or six and then I started to hive up. It was that damn alpaca!

I've been cranky and itchy all day and cranky and itchy all the way over here to the beach and damn! I forgot my sheets...which really won;t make that big of a difference, since Darling has started to snore like a bull moose or a train or (last night) mooing like a cow. I end up in the front room. I imagine that's where I'll be tonight.

And I forgot the towels. Damndamndamn.


They're at the top of the stairs.

I guess a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond is in the works for me tomorrow. OR a thrift shop.

On the other hand, I am just loving this lofty roving type of wool. Compared to the alpaca, it feels like butter. Finishing up PRJ's sweater while watching Snakes on a Plane. So far, it is sorta like a day at work. Scary, violent guys and I'm only six minutes into it.

Okay. This movie is so full of holes, from the computer plane in the computer sky to the computer snakes. There's a yapping dog and I guess my hearing is failing, since the screaming baby sure doesn't sound like MY screaming babies. No wonder I'm deaf. Then there's the hairspray and cigarette lighter flamethrower. I had one of those. Some days, I wish I carried one in my handbag. In fact, when they start implanting tasers in your hand? I'm totally going.

Oh, geeze, now they're at the illegal venomous snake dealer's place. Glass snaketeriums and guns. Did you know that the Feeb's and the Secret Service and school teachers make about the same amount of money? Now THAT'S scary.


Paulie said...

Well, to cheer you up, there is something over at my blog for you. Come and get it.

keri said...

what a day hoepfully you have a better weekend