Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rain, rain and more rain

I feel like I should be building an ark! It has been raining for almost a month...here where my daughter was five before she ever saw real rain! The sidewalk and driveway is ankle deep in standing water...no place for it to go. It is raining so hard that I can't even go out and soak my shoulder in the hot tub.

My shoulder. Went to the physio today...no good news there. It looks like I tore up my rotator cuff more than once and badly. I'm going in daily for physio, wearing a sling (very uncomfortable) and taking anti-inflamatories. I'm a mess and it REALLY hurts. It is unbelieveable the amount of pain this thing can generate. Right up there with childbirth.
So it looks like surgery is in my immediate furture...they go in with crocet hooks, nab the errant ligaments and tendons, screw them onto titanium hook deals and then screw the whole thing into my shoulder. It;s true! I looked it up on the internet. (And more than once).

Spending the weekends at the little beach house..this weekend I have books to do; it's the end of the quarter and I have IRS employee taxes to figure out and pay, state taxes to figure out and pay, sales tax to figure out and pay and Worker's Comp to figure out and pay. The figuring out, I can do. It's the coming up with the money that drives me crazy. I mentioned to Darling that I needed a couple of five or six thousand dollars for this quarter business liabilities (and these are, mind you, ABOVE the monthly bills). Oh sure, he said. I'll just sell my BLOOD and come up with the extra cash FOR YOU. To say the least, the "FOR YOU" comment made my eyes spin in my head. So I told him how I really hate doing this and worrying about this and fretting about money all the time. I hate keeping the records and being responsible and having to be able to lay my hands on every single piece of information at a moments notice. Hate it. I guess i could do it if I didn't have to come up with the CASH, too. If I could just fiddle with the numbers and print it out, dropping it on somebodies desk with a post-it "Needs to be paid by Friday".

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Paulie said...

Oh, Chloe!!!!!! Finally, I see some more writing on your blog and it is all sad news.

Let's see if we can cheer you up. I used the "we" because that's what nurses do. . . lol

First of all, you might be owing taxes is a good thing. It means you have something to be taxed on. You have job, property and a business. That's pretty important. . . I feel a whole lot better having a part-time job! I have my appointment to do my taxes this weekend also.

I am sorry for all your "body hurts" and hope the "powers that be" can fix it good as new.

Think about going to the ocean and being in your little bach house. . .aint nothing better than a beach house on the ocean unless it's . . . SNOW. Ü

PS You asked me questions on my blog. . . is it proper to answer them there? As you can see, blogging is new to me.