Sunday, April 23, 2006

100 Things About Me

1I k.nit (duh). I learned at five or six and I think I should be much better at it than I am for this reason.

2. There's a lot I don't do do well and I rely a little too much on patterns and I am obsessive about the count.

3. I’m not the same way with cooking. I can cook mainly without a recipe. But then, I already know what tastes and textures I like.

4. My house was built in 1888

5. The city was going to burn it, so my husband bought it and moved it across town.

6. Whilst on the move, we knocked out the power to 7,000 homes at 7:15 in the morning.

7. It wasn’t our fault.

8. He actually wanted to go a different route, but the fella who worked for the power company was POSITIVE that going over the railroad tracks was a better idea.

9. The power company tried to blame us

10. Our permit was for a “move” of 35 feet.

11. It was actually 34 ½ feet high.

12. The powerlines were 33 feet high.

13. Recipe for disaster, don’t you think?

14. This house white carpet, which should never even been manufactured, much less installed.

15. Darling bought me a hot tub several years ago.

16. It’s on the deck.

17. I use it at least once a night.

18. I like bamboo needles the best.

19. Followed by nice wood ones with carved ends. They look so nice jammed into a ball of yarn.

20. I love my wireless internet connection. I can email from the garden swing. Or the bathtub.

21. I hate to knit gauge swatches.

22. I have three dogs.

23. Matt is 15.

24. He isn’t the oldest dog I’ve ever had.

25. Skipper was. He lived 17 really great years.

26. When I die, I want to come back as one of my dogs.

27. Tank is a Chihuahua-Rottweiler mix.

28. I know. I wonder about that, too.

29. Rocket is a Maltese and jumps off the furniture like Rocket J. Squirrel.

30. My Da’s best dog was named Mike.

31. Darling is named Mike. Some coincidence, huh?

32. One of my husband’s was named Jack.

33. I call him Jackson.

34. We used to drive by a mule farm and I’d always say, “Oh, look! Your relatives!!”

35. Jackson would never laugh.

36. He didn’t have much of a sense of humor.

37. He ran away 5 years ago and I went to LA to clean out his house.

38. I thought he was dead.

39. He wasn’t.

40. I wish he was

41. He hasn’t spoken to the kids since May 2001

42. None of us would recognize him on the street, I think.

43. I incur clutter.

44. I think nothing of hiding said clutter behind scarves, under beds and closet doors.

45. I have too many books.

46. I have to check for my keys about 100 times a day

47. I like to travel…especially spur of the moment trips

48. I’m completely selfish.

49. I have two almost grown children, whom I raised alone.

50. I. like the people they’ve turned into.

51. I’m glad I didn’t micromanage every minute of their lives

52. I let them have their own high school experiences, with little meddling on my part.

53. I love my life as it is.

54. I’m a terrible sportsperson. I can’t play anything that’s competitive.

55. I got married in Las Vegas.

56. I have had my hair every color that comes in a bottle. Red, black, brown…orange, purple

57. I colored it because I was going gray.

58. My Da didn’t want to have a white haired daughter, so I colored it.

59. When he died in 2000, I stopped.

60. I have totally white hair, now.

61. It is so much easier and I can pretend it is Marilyn Monroe platinum

62. I taught school for 30 years.

63. Loved it.

64. I taught in the same room as my sister in law. THAT was great.

65. I taught next door to my brother. THAT was great, too.

66. I teach in a super max prison now.

67. Love it.

68. Always something different to do.

69. And exciting? This is the most exciting job I’ve EVER had.

70. All I know about computers, I’ve learned on the job.

71. Prior to this job, I knew NOTHING about computers, At. All.

72. After I’d worked for about a week, my boss asked me “So, how are your computer skills?”

73. My first response? “EEEEK!!!!”

74. What I actually said was “Oh, I’d say I’m about on par with the rest of the teachers.” Very non-committal.

75. I didn’t realize that the rest of the teachers couldn’t even turn ON their computers.

76. So I’m the most computer savvy person in my ENTIRE department.

77. That’s pretty scary.

78. I travel for training out of town about once a month.

79. It’s usually for three or four days and I stay in fancy pantsy hotels.

80. I hate it.

81. I usually take my son or daughter, so I have company.

82. I keep the books for our business

83. Sometimes, that’s not such a great idea.

84. I don’t mind DOING the books

85. I hate coming up with the money for the tax liabilities

86. And I hate all the deadlines

87. I spend too much time on-line..

88. I feel guilty when I’m not doing something productive. Thus, the knitting.

89. I’m a good typist.

90. I have narrow feet with a high instep.

91. Most shoes just don’t fit.

92. I love coffee, but Starbucks makes my stomach hurt.

93. I quit smoking in 1978.

94. I miss it every day.

95. In fact, I’d knock you in the head right now for one cigarette

96. I love purple and red and turquoise

97. But I like to wear a lot of black, because I’m lazy..

98. I love artichokes.

99. I woke up one morning a decided to have a Brazilian. Yep, out of the blue. If I

couldn’t have gotten an appointment, I would have changed my mind.. It doesn’t hurt, but the whole

procedure is VERY weird.

100. I don’t like malls. Too many people and too many choices.

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