Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I finished these socks!

So many sock photos make your legs look stumpy and your feet look like a block of melted butter. Not these! Aren't they cute? I found a photo on the web and I COPIED THE POSE. Shamelessly. I'm standing on pier blocks out at the construction yard. All of my prior sock phtos were taken by me, with my feet on the coffee table or stretched out in front of me..very stumpy-block-of-butter looking. Then I found a Swedish blog where the socks looked really cute...all because of the angles! Ballet feet, that's the key. Good toes, good heels. Who woulda thunk it? SO I shamelessly copied the poses until I got a decent one!

Next time, I'm going for something stripy or colored or really soft and squishy. In the meantime, I'm quite happy with these. Of course, they kept me from working on the hardhardvery hard cardi for darling and distracted me from all the I-forgot-to-write-them-down alterations to the ballet sweater...but it wasn't as if I was simply sitting around the house, watching Oprah and eating bon bons! I got something done. And tomorrow I SWEAR, I'll pick up the ballet sweater and work on it, alterations and all. (They aren't that big of a deal..I just forgot to write them down.)

And here is Darling's cardi on the needles out on the patio at the beach house.....although WHAT is up with that color? The reality one I'm working on is Pacific Storm Blue cashmere. Just the color of...a rainy-stormy-clouds-over-the-ocean blue. THe cashmere is like butter to knit...good thing, since I spend about half my time ripping it out. I had the entire back done, during a training in Sacramento, when I bothered to look down and noticed that the cable were winding around like snakes. RRRRRrrrrrrrip. The next time I worked on it, the cables would appear and disappear, just as if I wasn't following a pattern AT ALL.

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Paulie said...

WOW! I love the socks!!!!!!!!!!!! They looks so warm and comfy. . . do you knit them for other folks? lol I want some! Maybe by time as I could afford to buy some, you would have the rest of your projects finished? Ü