Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Weekend at the beach house

Girlie took the entire weekend off to spend with us at the beach house. And we did what we do every weekend here...nothing. Cooked, watched movies, read, knitted....that's all. It wasn't warm enough to sit out on the wee patio, but we did throw open the windows so we could say meaningful things like "Tide's out" or "Tide's in".

Watched the guy across the way trim his lemon tree. We're on a pitched hill, so there was a lot of to and fro-ing, getting a ladder, getting two ladders, getting a board, standing on a bucket. And when he was done, it looked pretty much the same.

Next week, I think I'm going to prune up this flowering bush in the front yard...which will necessitate me going to the hardware store and buying clippers to keep in my wee garden shed.

I actually had brought two big buckets of tax stuff to work on...I have to get it organized and entered to send to the CPA. Didn't even unload the car. That's two weeks in a row I've slacked off. I drove around all last week with the car packed from LAST week (didn't manage to get the taxes worked on last week either).

Next week, I go to San Francisco for training, so I will ABSOLUTELY get it done next weekend. If all goes well, I'll be able to drive home, pick Darling up and head to the beach Friday afternoon. Girlie has to work.

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