Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It looks like I have MUCH to be thankful for

If I'm paying taxes, it means I at least have something to be taxed my dear friend Paulie mentioned to me. The sales tax means we have customers; the employment taxes means that because of our businesses, people can feed their families. Okay, it's not all bad. I just wish that I could pick and choose when I had to pay them (like that is any kind of practical management point).
And there are a gazillion people who'd like to be "stuck" doing their taxes at a beach house. (I know! I used to be one of them!)

We looked off and on for five years and just started getting serious in the last eighteen months...look look look. Everything we looked at was too big, too expensive (the property taxes on some of those homes were like a MILLION dollars a year). And some of the poor owners had been in an overpriced home from the get go and had never been able to paint or do anything to the house to update it from the sixties or seventies when they bought it 9you can tell from the kitchen colors, usually). ANd when we found this 400 square foot place, we just snapped it up. We barely looked at was the right price and in the right place (golf course, on the heights, with a view of the ocean). We'll keep it for a while, do some fixing up and sell it for a place up a little higher, a little bigger, with a little more ocean view. And this is all possible because we have a business to pay taxes on.
So it's more a case of I don;t WANT to do my homework!

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