Thursday, March 30, 2006

I like being competent

I went thru nearly 2200 names this week, looking for reading scores. I figured out a way to input the information and got it done in ONE DAY. It took the whole day, but it was only one day. So I was able to knock my noscore numbers down from 2200 to 1200...which is quite impressive.

I sent the new classification reports off to the couselors, who originally thought the reports were a total waste of time, but by Friday, realized how handy they were. So I got calls, calls, calls thanking me for this new development!

I got a call from downtown (which NEVER HAPPENS). It took Rick 30 seconds to download my data...that is how clean it was. Some institutions, who shall remain nameless, took two and a half days to download. So who's the princess?

That would be me.

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Paulie said...

Congrats, Princess!

Paulie the commoner. . .