Monday, April 17, 2006

About Khaki...I'm just sayin'

I want to make an afgan out of something that is warm and cozy, to thow over my tv watching self at the beach house. It is 400 square feet. The entire house. Well, except for the patio, which is probably 400 square feet, too. So there is a lot of living crammed into that very small and overpriced space.

The couch, chairs and drapes are different colors of blue denim. I have bright patchwork pillows. The bedroom duvet is a sampler quilt that is so bright it almost vibrates. The curtains in there are some kind of African-Jamaican whackadoodle stripe made by a stripe-r on crack. I'm love that stripe so much that I'm going to use some of that stripe to edge the blue drapes in the living room.

The kitchen, which adjoins the living room is teeny, with red appliances and a red rug. The counters are that ugly white and gold fleck laminate from the "60's...they are going and the counters will be navy blue corian with matching backsplash. We're going to do something with the cupboard fronts but haven't decided what yet.

The bathroom will get a little countertop facelift (I'm pulling for red corian), plus we'll rip out the icky teeny bathtub and put in a wow shower (with steam, jacuzzi, cd player, telephone) is a fiberglass unit that just drops in and we've done dozens of them. The tub is deep (like up to your neck) and more of a Japanese soaking tub than a stretch out tub.

So I'm asking friends about colors for this afgan....and I get red, which is the color I'm leaning towards AND my favorite color anyway, right up there with purple....and I also get some very chic sand or beige or khaki...which I agree is a very chic and tranquil suggestion. In fact, it is so much more unusual than red or yellow or orange or even lime green, which would work also.

No doubt, Khaki looks great with black and with even looks great with white and cream and espresso. I like it WAY more than I like olive....but Khaki ...means dirt in some Indian from India dialect.

I spent enough of my life grubbing in the dirt that I don't even LIKE the color brown. I know..that really limits me AND a sandy afgan would be a welcome, tranquil thing...but I don't think I could work with yarn that color.

And I can drive past newly plowed fields and rhapsodize over how GORGEOUS the dirt is, how rich, how lovely, how earthy....but I don't know that I could make something out of it.

Which is not to say that the people in the world who love earth tones aren't favored, since MOST of the world loves those colors. Just not me.

I'm just sayin'

(When I was a teen, I would say the most outrageous things that would make my mother just pop her cork. She'd go crazy, rant and rave and then I would say...."I was just sayin'"

Girlie does this too. Make some whakadoodle crazy making statement, guarenteed to make a mother crazy...and after said mother pops her cork, will look at me and say

"I was just sayin'"

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