Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm looking at six weeks ...maybe more

Are these tulips gorgeous or what? Coutesy of my frined Paulie who is simply a master at capturing that whole color thing. I wish I had half her talent....and the colors of the stuff she shoots! Breathtaking. These colors are just begging to be knit up into a summery top.

Went to the doctor today for my worker's comp injury....and I should feel AWFUL..but inside, I'm doing handsprings! My rotator cuff is totally shredded and the cradle has been punctured, so I'm off work until I get the surgery and then maybe 6 weeks to six MONTHS of recouperation and physical therapy. ANd it hurts...but if it's going to hurt, I SHOULD be able to stay home and heal, don'tcha think? And for the last six weeks, I've been trudging off to work every pain meds, even though every day this thing hurt worse and worse. It keeps me up at night, it hurts so bad. The word throbbing was conjured up for this injury. It hurts so bad that the skin on my arm is sore and it hurts all the way to my wrist. Some injury, huh?

I am so ready to retire...I have just been working since August and was ready for a little break...I just wish it didn't have to be accompanied with cutting and slicing and screws and scarring (but this time I am definately getting a tattoo!)

So tomorrow, I'm taking all my tax stuff upstairs, sitting on the floor, watching tv and getting at it. I've been postponing what is a ginormous sorting job since AUGUST...and now I have PLENTY of time to get it all sorted out before I hand it over to the CPA. One thing I really pride myself on is how organized I am at tax time, but this year, I dropped the ball. Glad to have a chance to pick it up!

Then, I'll start work-seriously-on Girlie's boucle sweater, Darling cashmere sweater and when they are done, something for ME! Not sure what...I like this, but with narrower sleeves and in something less varigated...a little tone-on-tone varigation is okay, but not so stripity-stripey.

I also like this orange tank...but with a cardigan to go with it. It is knit out of a tonal varigated silk and is actually triangles that LOOK tricky but aren't. The cardi would just be plain, so that the design detail would totally be the tank.

And then there's this cotton top that I am SO enamoured with. I can envision this in a dozen colors, all in cotton or linen to wear with eithe black or white slacks.I love the sleeve detail...not too frou frou and the hip slit, so I could make it just a little bit longer. It is just plain enough for me to wear to work but not so plain that it would be boring to make or wear.

So this week, here's my schedule:
TWTH..taxes, wash car, clear out all the sweatshirts from the closet to take to the beach house
F...dogs to groomer
FSS......beach house; knitting
M.........clear out closet, fridge, kntting day, I have to take the car in for servicing, knitting


Paulie said...

It was sooooooo god to see you write in your blog again, Chloe! And what a nice compliment about my photos. Glad you enjoy them, especially the colors. That part has nothing to do with me tho. . . God ultimately gave us the colors to appreciate and I just took a picture of one of His masterpieces. Ü

I do hope your arm will be ok asap. Bet they will miss you at work! I thought you enjoyed your job at the prison and didn't want to retire yet!

Lucky the people who get the wonderful things you knit . . . you have some lovely ideas. Hope you can find the shades of pink from my tulip photo for your knitting project!


Novel said...

Sorry about your pain and hope the surgery can be soon,that your recovery is comfortable and that it lasts as long as you want it to!

The white tunic is sweet. Since we are continents apart and are never likely to meet, let alone wear the same outfit, am I allowed to ask the make and number of the pattern?