Monday, March 27, 2006

This hurts like heck

Prepare for some whining.
My shoulder hurts like heck. I can't brush my hair, it hurts to drive, I can't reach into the backseat for my all hurts. I wake up at night because it hurts.

So I go to the doctor today (and get ugly faced by the big boss, who CANNOT believe that I have an appointment at 2:30...couldn't I get one later? No.) and the doctor thinks there might really be something bad wrong.

Gave me a sackfull of drugs and told me I'd have to wait for a couple of weeks for an MRI, since this early into it, the insurance compnay simply could not believe that simple rest wouldn't heal things.

It hurts so bad that I'm pretty sure that rest isn't the answer. It has finally stopped raining, so I'm going to go sit in the hot tub for a while.

Oh..I also got a letter from the IRS saying I owe almost $500 for 2003. In 2003, all I did was work for the state. All I made was what I claimed. And all my deductions were, like, normal. So that missive has to go off to the CPA. And I got a $900 bill from the dentist (the same dentist I just paid $1300 to a couple of months ago). What good is insurance, I ask you? And one of our employees who quit in a huff is disputing EDD's ruling for unemployment. That means I have to go to court next week. Then I got the quarterly report for State Fund...always good for a
$2500 bll. And since the quarter is almost over, that means I have to pay employee taxes..another $2 or 3 K.

The best mail I got was a jury summons.

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Paulie said...

Hi, Chloe. Trying to post on your blog again.

All I can say about all your "troubles" presently is -- you got nowhere to go but up! Hope the next month is flled with wonderful things affecting you in matters of health, family, your renovation projects and LIFE in general.

Thanks for inspiring me to write my own blog.

Praying you are feeling better!