Sunday, March 26, 2006


Spent the weekend at the beach fact we left right after work on Friday. The weather was terrible; driving rain, but sort of pretty to watch, since the wind off the ocean was blowing it in perpendicular sheets across the golf course. I sat on the loveseat and worked on the purple sweater for daughter. It is exactly the kind of knitting I needed...lots and little counting. I have the back almost finished, except for about the last 10 rows. Starting the front tonight.
We're going again next weekend, so I have to go to the place where i get our sheepskin slippers tomorrow and get a spare pair to leave there. These slippers are beyond wonderful. Suede on the outside and the fluffiest sheepskin on the inside. Incredibly warm (but not even as attractive as UGGS, in their heyday.)

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Paulie said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. . . you inspired me to start my own. I tried to leave a message at you know where but it wouldn't allow me to link it.

I only have one entry.