Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Counting is harder than it looks

The pattern looks like this:
K6, p3,k3,p3,s3,k3,ksstiches,k3...blah blah blah....there are 119 stiches in each row.
I know this.
However, sometimes there are 118 stiches or 120 stiches.
And the reason I know THIS is because I'm off one stich at the end. So I have to tink backwards and count...which for some reason is almost beyond my ability. If I'm really off, I have to tink back another row until I find my glaringly apparent mistake---one which even an opposum with an opposing thumb could find.

So I have umm,.,,18 1/2 inches of this to do and for some reason, I CANNOT find the rhythm.
Maybe there isn't one.
Maybe this is one of those odd, atonic poems in a binary code that simply never finds a rhythm because it's purpose is simply to drone on and on.

Like a bagpipe.

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