Thursday, March 23, 2006

Training Today in the Big City

I'm the Chief Examiner for GED and you know what? It is really truly way too much responsibility. I went to my first training today and if I had known what a ginormous amount of work it was, I would have taken a pass on the job. Because, really? I'm quite busy enough.
There are only about a million ways to screw up...all of which cost money. Minor screw ups are $5 a pop. Major screw ups could run up to a MILLION dollars. (I'm not even sure how many zeros that would be.)

This morning, one of the sessions dealt with the gazillion ways candidates will try to steal the test. This afternoon, one of the sessions dealth with identifying fake ID.

TMI, in my opinion. If I had wanted to be a cop, I'd have handcuffs and a gun.

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