Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the needles

No photos , of course. When do I ever HAVE photos? Well, I actually do, but they just look like a hot mess of knitting.

So...on the circs, I am picking up stitches on the bottom of Peggy's Ruthie's Jack's baby sweater so I can add about 3 inches of ribbing. That one is in the living room.

My smooshy purple-from-Marji socks are my Wednesday knit, over at Mom's house. Gives me something to do besides whine.

Out by the pool? Corn fiber socks. I'm not all that crazy about the feel of this stuff while I'm working with it, but I like the way it looks once it is worked up. I saw some soy-and-CRAB yarn...euwww. Didn't like the way it felt at all. Worse than alpaca. (Alpaca feels like hemp to me, It makes me itch, too.)

I have some sari silk in my handbag that I am messing with at work. I am thinking about making a sweatshirt styled cardigan, but I am thinking it is going to be way too heavy. I'm doing one sleeve and if it just too heavy, then I'll figure out something. Else, I guess.

I just looked down because I could hear snoring--all three dogs are conked out on the floor. I guess I am pretty good company!

Lisi has decided to move down the hall from her old pink bedroom. She'll be in the guest room that I have been using as an office-not that I do much office work anymore. We have a real office across town. I just keep dead files here, so I can fetch back dated stuff. We went looking for new bedding and picked out two really pretty chocolate brown and cinnabar red coverlets. The cinnabar had some really modern throw pillows, plus some tailored shams. Now she just has to get stuff moved. And the animal heads? Into storage. (Hey! They are vintage taxidermy that I recused from yard sales. At least they have had a nice home, out of the weather, vaccumed regularly and not moth-eaten.)

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Paulie said...

I thought Lisi was moving away for her police work? If she is getting settled in a new room there, guess that means you have no plans to move to the hotel anytime soon huh?