Sunday, April 20, 2008

I need to download some photos

This is on a rebar wire trellis, stapled onto the old fence between our yard and the Turkey lady's place. She hates me and doens;t care much for the dogs. Any time I'm out in the yard, she comes out and mutters unkind things. Poor thing. She doesn't have a lot of visitors and if she thinks that making unkind comments is the way to get me to trot over to make friends....well, she has misjudged me.

I really do take pictures of all of this stuff. I just have a hard time getting them monkeyed with and downloaded.

Today, I'm working on the yard. There is so much of it, that no matter how much time I spend, not much looks like it was touched. This is the year where I actually hire someone who knows the difference between weeds and not-weeds and clears out the corners, plants some things that work with what I have existing. I have some roses that I'm pulling out of my mom's old house and putting over here. How many renters want to mess with roses, anyway?

I have a lamb (Lambchop) out in the back, trimming up all the weeds there.

I want to get the hill sheeped off before the seedheads develop--since all those burrs and foxtails end up in the dogs.
Lambchop is a working sheep. She is not a pet. She is meat. I picked her because she is small enough to tote in the back of my truck.

I have decided that I'll take a year to get the yard together and then if the market has come up, I can sell this house. If not, another year here. My friend, Day, has inspired me to get things started AND COMPLETED. She is an amazing woman, She is a great mum, great daughter, wonderfully understanding wife and an unfailing friend. She even does charity work!! If she lived in the US, she would have her own TV show.

It is a great place for a family. Lots of room for kids. Too bad there is just the two of us now! Mike has no love of digging in the dirt and I just run out of energy too early in the day. But it will be a great find for a family.


Paulie said...
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Paulie said...

Despite the beauty of your yard, maybe no one else wants to live by the "turkey" lady either. . . lol

Novel said...

I will treasure your (undeserved) words - thank you :o)