Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why is it, when I decide to spend a weekend cleaning that's just dandy?

And when OTHER MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY suggest that perhaps the bathrooms are not germ free, I get totally pissed off?

Today is one of the two days of the week I can sleep past 5:30.
However, I was up at 5 because my husband couldn't sleep and wanted some company.

THEN he mentioned that perhaps I would like to wash the bed and get it remade, so it would be all crisp. AND while that was being accomplished by my washer and dryer, I might want to clean the kitchen and REALLY clean the four bathrooms in this house.

Good morning to you, too.

Since this is his day off, of course, he was going to spend it watching Blazing Saddles and Training Day and could I get the bed made in time for his nap? You bet. Me? If I want to take a nap, I think I'll just conk out on the couch. Alone.

So I vacuumed. I moved furniture. I scrubbed floors and toilets. I fixed lunch, I fixed dinner.
I folded clothes. I washed all the lace curtains and rehung them. And no, I was not chipper about any of it. I was downright surly.
And the temperature in this house is hovering around -60 with NO hopes of warming up THIS weekend.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend the ENTIRE day working in the office. I have much to do. I don't need help. I don;t need company.

He can watch television all day. Next week is payday and this is one month that I don't intend to sign the check and give it to him.

I am a VERY expensive maid.

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Paulie said...

Always a sense of humor!