Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today at the prison

First, I have to say that this is a pretty amusing place to work.

I had one student request to come to class at 9:30, since coming at 8 am is is just too early. (Nope)

Another inmate wants to have me provide coffee to the students to give them some vim. (Nope)

Another student is racking me up for tacking an on an extra 1 day to his sentence because he slipped out of class to go to a "buda service"...The fact that he is a prison Muslim is not lost on me; however, I don't have the authority to LET him leave class to commune with buda, since this "service" was held by inmates out on the yard. However, he is willing to prosecute me to the full extent of the law, even 'up to and including the highest law of the Union, the Supremo Court." I sorta would like that, I've never been to DC in the springtime. Ya think the state would fly me out there and let me stay in a nice hotel or would I have to bed down in a jail someplace?

Sorry, we don't had a Buddist service on grounds., If the gathering isn't approved and said student is not on the approved list, he doesn't get to go. If he does go, he loses the day and it is added on to his sentence. Of course, when one has 900 years to serve, I'm not quite getting why 900 years and a day would be a huge area of worry.

This is the same student who made all kinds of whacko claims, which were easy enough to disprove. Copy a snippet of his records and surprise! his claims weren't substantiated.

And this guy has been out of my class since AUGUST. I think he needs to get a life.

Oh, forget that. He has 9 lifes AND 900 years and one day. Silly me, He probably has a lot of time to think and study. What care I if he wants to be a Prison Muslim AND a Buda and a Morman, too?


Anonymous said...

When do your English lessons start? :-P

You USED to be my rather picky editor-in-chief, remember?

Paulie said...

Don't forget the JW . . . I am sure they would visit him or leave good literature on his cell doorstep if requested. Ü

Novel said...

You have to be some kind of very special person to work there, Chloe. I am in awe.