Friday, February 15, 2008

Plans for my weekend

I left my knitting in my carpool vehicle, so this weekend will be up close and personal with the vacuum cleaner, cleanser and mop. I haven't REALLY cleaned in the longest time that oddly, I am kinda sorta looking forward to this! It's not that I like cleaning all that much, but I really like the aftermath. And this weekend is supposed to be "spring like" so I can leave the doors and windows open and air the house out.

Darling is staying home to work on the 450SL---he needs to sand it down because the color coat is starting to peel. I think he's afraid I'll be climbing ladders and falling on my head. (No chance).

One huge chore I do need to get out of the way is cleaning the office...I've been postponing THAT for almost three years. Everything is in tidy piles; I just need to get the piles put away! I have boxes of books that I need to drag upstairs to the hotel---the library is totally finished and I can put the books away and then drape them in plastic. So part of the cleaning is going to be toting the boxed books downstairs and talking Ben into putting them in the car and toting them upstairs.

I'm even thinking of taking in my really big sectional (pink plaid and SO comfortable) and having it recovered in something chenille-y. Or wide wale corduroy. I guess I need to go in to Hart's Home with Marji and pick something out for the couch and the drapes. I think she has better taste than I do...I'm too portervillified.

I have a ton of bulbs in a cold frame and if all goes well and the weather is nice on Monday, I think I'll manage to get them into the ground in the front flowerbeds. I really like digging in the yard...just not when it is cold/wet/muddy/hot--most of the time.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that Rocket also likes digging in the yard. How do you keep her out of the flowerbeds? With only her ears visible?

Paulie said...

Sounds like spring is in the air!