Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oh, yeah. I'm terrified

A little information is sometimes NOT such a good thing. It will multiply your questions exponentially. Then I got to see the walking wounded on the Nuero floor and I can tell you right now, nobody is doin' ANYTHING like that to me. I think if the idea is to scare you, they are doing a dandy little job there.

Because it scared me senseless.

So I have a cartload of tests tomorrow and then Dr. Spook decides what direction is the best way to go. I am hoping for the pharmaceutical direction. In fact, tonight I would welcome a cartload. Give it to me with one of those big bore rusty needles. I don't. I need some help from Orpheus.

Having something really wrong with your brain really helps to put things into perspective.


Paulie said...


IF the wounded are walking, it can't be so bad???????

Novel said...

Good luck with everything.

Novel x