Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue! Azul! Turquoise! Teal! Lavendar!

Today, we can wear blue at work. Previous to this, nothing that REMOTELY looked blue-ish would get you sent home because the gunners supposedly couldn't tell free staff from inmates is we had on stiletto heels, black slacks and any color that looked as if might possibly be blue.

I solved the problem by wearing black. We couldn't wear white either, since some inmates wear white jumpsuits. (We can't wear orange, either but since I would have to be half dead alongside the road to wear orange, that was never an issue.)

But today, the new memo says that when the officer checks you out at the first check point (they check your ID and search your handbag), said officer has to take into account your entire outfit and decide if you REALLY can POSSIBLY be mistaken for an inmate.

Since I work inside the electric fence AND the exercise yard is fenced off as well AND I never go hot footing it across the yard when inmates are out....well, I think it is safe to say that the gunners can tell me from an inmate.

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