Thursday, May 11, 2006

If this is Thursday, I must be doing the books

I hate book keeping.
I hate having to run 62 pages of reports to glean the bits of information the governmental agencies need.
I hate trying to figure out what each agencies acronyms mean, for example, P.I.T. means personal income taxed...that's your total income. Why the heck can't the program call it whatever the agency calls it?

And all these millions of pages have to be printed and filed becasue every agency sends an auitor out and they want to compare EVERY report to every agency to their reports to make sure that they are all the same.

I cannot tell you how many hours this takes EVERY WEEK, because that is the only way to keep up. If you try to do, for example, the worker's comp report at the end of the quarter (and you have 7 days between the time the quarter ends and the time the report goes in), you would go crazy. Well, maybe not if all the employees were doing the same thing, but we have a construction company and Guy A might spent 2 hours at the dump, 3 hours on cement work, 5 hours painting, 6 hours doing carpenter work and every single different job is billed differently. So I have to get it down every week off the time cards and it is a gigantic pain.

And no one has a problem calling me to aske for a print out of what they spent last year for whatever...but when I call the dairy we get out milk from and ask for a printout of our account for 2005, the gal says it can't be done. Yes it can,
You use the same program I do.
You go to my account, type in January 1, 2005 in one window, type in December 31, 2005 and then click on print. The program prints out how much we spent on milk for 2005. Email it to me. The end.

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

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