Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Woodwork, Part 1

I really have a plan in writing all this down and I sort of got sidetracked over the library. There are MILES of original woodwork.
It all had to be scraped down and stripped and primered. If it was going to be woodwork, like the baseboards and window frames, we painted it with a hideous mauve undercoat , then grained BY HAND, flogging, detailed and polyurethaned that looks like an oil rubbed finish. We have all of the original doors and hardware and every single inch had to be redone. (More on that). Then there are the miles of decorative molding that runsaround the ceilings. Because God and Mike knows that the ceilings can't be plain, since we might look at them.
So roughly, 3,000 square feet of ceiling turns into, I don't know, 21,000 lineal feet of decorative moldings.
More if we put more than one pattern together.
Mind boggling.

And then there are all kinds of options like stepped ceilings, rain gutter as molding so we can run soft over head lighting (really soft white tube lighting)...if Mike can see it, he can figure out a way to copy it.

Most of what he is doing comes out of his head and is sort of like an elaborate puzzle for him. He is such a talented craftsman and knows how to do all of this stuff.

Now my strong suit is looking at magazines and saying things like "Look at this, Honey".
His is making it look classy.

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Paulie said...

I find your remodeling job fascinating. I think in high school when we took a test to discover our interests and I cane out with carpenter, I should have followed that line. lol I hated anything to do with music and the arts so I put in anythign related to carpentry then BUT if I ahd been encouraged, I might have been doing stuff like you do today!