Sunday, May 07, 2006

Two sticks and some string makes me so happy

It is almost beyond me how happy knitting makes me. I'm no housekeeper and you could starve to death in my house before I even noticed you were hungry (and yes, it's an ongoing problem with Darling, who believes that by rooting around in the kitchen and rattling dishes that I will magically be summoned inot the kitchen to "see what's wrong". It doesn;t sound wrong to me; it just sounds like he's rooting around in the kitchen!) God knows I'm not even much of a laundress, although I do manage to keep the clothes clean and sorted out to the correct rooms but knitting satisfies me on some kind of OHM level.
I revel in the tactile sense of the yarn and how it changes when it's knitted up. I like the way the needles clickety clack away. I like the way the needles look when jabbed into the yarn ball, even. One of my favorite things to do is to start a baby sweater when the daughter of a freind or one of my scattered young relatives goes inot lable. I think that every baby should come inot the world with a sweater knitted while they were on their journey. The pattern i use is all but brainless and the minute I get the phone call, I start. (Obviously, I have a small stash, so I don;t have to go buy something.) I have a sweater and goofy hat that takes just about a day, if I really concentrate on working on them. Just about the same amout of time for most babies to make thier journies into the world.
Brent and Stacy just adopted a baby girl, so I've started a sweet pink sweater and goofy hat that will right now be so much too big for her that I'm sure they will look at it and doubt that it will ever fit. But since it is spring now and in seven months, it will fit. They don't know this but I do. Dozens of of babies have proven my own measuring skill. Pictures to follow.

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Paulie said...

Hi, Chloe. Nice to read something on your blog again. I thought maybe you weren't writing because of your arm "problem" but I see you can knit so . . . anyway, good to read your blog again! That baby is lucky to get such a cute gift from you! Looking forward to the photos.