Saturday, January 10, 2009

So in an attempt to at least get outside..not that it will help

I'm off to Miner's for some gardening "stuff". I have a little weeding to do. (Little as in about 15 minutes worth. I need some gloves. There's some wood around back that needs to be tossed. I need a Hudson sprayer. And for my prize (getting out of the house), I'm renting Brothers and Sisters, which I never saw, since it comes on too late.

I have some bulbs which need to be moved and some seeds I need to sow (always). I have some cinderblocks up against the back fence that I'm thinking of putting tomatoes in. Passive heat, since it is cool up here on the hill and there really isn't that long of a growing season. I think planting inside the cinderblocks will give me a couple of degrees and the fence will give the a place to grow. I'm thinking of little Romas, cherrys and ladybug tomatoes. Maybe some heirlooms in different colors and some onions. And maybe bok choy. And fennel up in the corner by the electric meter. It sounds like a LOT but it isn't.

All I need to do is get through this one day.

Just until midnight.

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Novel said...

You're right. Just get through the day, or the hour. Each one is an achievement.