Thursday, January 08, 2009

More about my road trip to Utah

It was snowy-ola on Christmas morning. We drove up to Salt Lake IN a blizzard to Judy's new house (they've been in for a week, so no photos of the 400 hundpacked boxes). She is living in a nature preserve, so the back yards all back out onto a large meadow where there are ducks, geese, deer and I'm not sure what all living, since it was all buried in about six feet of snow. If I lived there, I'd be on the deck or the patio all the time.
However,they don't plow the streets, so I was more than a little worried about sliding off and ending upside down in a ditch (didn't happen). Could have. Once we got there, though, there had been a huge power outage and there was no electricity, so Judy was beside herself.

We managed to get a fire started and Mom wrapped up so she wasn't cold.
Josh and his girls came over (along with his wife...I didn't get a picture of her but she is blond, tall, young and skinny. I sure she is perfectly nice. Josh couldn;t get over how much I look like his mother (we aren;t a really close family. I think I saw Josh 10 years ago on my last trip to Utah. If my mother wasn't living here, I would have no reason to be sitting in this house.)

Seth was there.
He certainly has no sense of humor. None.
Must take after his father's side of the family.
He is crazy, too. Like Ben, only worse. Ben got help and graduated from high school. Seth managed to impregnate half dozen girls when he was good looking, young and unemployed. Now he is just unemployed.

Joe was at work.
Eli continues his boycott of all things Gene. I guess that is working for him.

Ben got a cook book, fixed brunch and decided to stay at Judy's for a few days to vist with Mom. Judy and Mom and I have a rocky relationship at best, so a few hours with me is MORE than enough for the three of us.

He cooked the entire time he was there and Judy just raved about his skills in the kitchen. I'm no cook but Judy cannot throw down at all. Her boys did not starve but that is about it.

Ben, however, can cook.

And by the by...I bet you didn't know that Ireland has the highest rate of schiophrenia IN THE WORLD.

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PERBS said...

Looks like it must have been a nice family get together. . . glad ben got to do some cooking for his grandma. Love that snow -- ours is all gone except the big piles in parking lots.