Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home again, Home again

I have never been so happy to sleep in my own bed in my life. Yesterday, which wold be Wednesday (since I watched So You Think You Can Dance), I spent most of the day in the ER, having been whisked there by AMBULANCE from work.

Chest pains. Like a heart attack.
Well, it was more like a gremlin fist, wringing my heart out, saying "Have another piece of fudge! Wanna Twinkie?"
Very scary. It really hurt and I couldn't catch my breath either.

So I called 222 (the 911 at the prison), which is answered by the fire chief, the ACH, the watch office, central control and somebody else. I cheeped out "I'm at the snackbar and I think maybe I'm having a heart attack." WHOOSH! There was about 3 minutes before the cafeteria was full of a ton of people, oxygen tanks, gurneys....mercy. Then the real abulance showed up, bundled me up and off we went.

I asked for the siren and some lights, just for leaving the prison, since it would be SO dramatic, but the guys said no. I got more oxygen, nitro (yuck, nasty) and several attempts at getting a line in. Unsuccessful.

I spent most of yesterday in the ER, getting poked and drugged. Sad to say, when I'm in the midst of this kind of life or death drama, I can;t remember my name, the date OR the president's not only am I worried, who ever is working on me is worried, too.

After about 2 hours, I managed to call Darling...he was going crazy, trying to find my car, since my boss had told him I was DRIVING to the in I was driving, as opposed to being driven. So he searched the hospital parking lot, my doctor's lot, the worker's comp lot (maybe I got confused and went in for Josie to take care of me)...the pharmacy (maybe I thought I needed migraine medicine), the grocery store (maybe I decided I was hungry and it wasn't a heart attack at all). Anyway, he was at that moment where you can;t decide if you are relieved or furious but once he got into the ER, he got over that.

He called Boy-o, who came and sat with me, so I was never alone. We decided not to call Girlie, since it would just worry her (she works, goes to school and is in the next town reason to have everyone upset....and we have no intention on telling my mother AT ALL).

I was there for three days for tests, which all came out peachy keen. My BP..perfect. Cholesterol? Perfect. Everything....if I could bottle it, I would make a mint. The only thing that is wrong with me is my migraines...which is another story.

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lowdawgs said...

For heaven's sake, Chloe.. you sure know how to create DRAma!

And I would write a letter of complaint about the lack of lights and siren. You are a taxpayer AND your insurance will be billed, so you should get what you want.

Thank goodness all is well. Take heed! Too many women don't and they DON'T live to regret it.