Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My week so far (it's only Wednesday)

I had a migraine on Tuesday, so after I took my medicines (which didn't stop this particular train wreck), I went in for a shot. My blood pressure was 177/125...which is like a stroke, which is what the nurse (who said, Oh. My. God. when she took the reading) and the doctor they fixed me up RIGHT. THEN. and I slept all day and all night. June 5 post----the baby cardigan.

I ordered TWO. One for Girlie's baby chest and one...well, someone will have a baby. Probably Ruthie or Steven's wife, Erin. I love, love, love these two as if they were my own. They are just really neat gals who happen to be part of my friend Peggy's, voila! Isn't it just handy to be having babies in my orbit?

I have been reading files for the last week and today I actually TAUGHT A CLASS. Gosh, it was fun. We were working on writing descriptive paragraphs and after walking them through the thinking, the visualizing,working with five senses....they generated some really good pieces. Rough, but good. We even used a graphic organizer (hey! I'm a real teacher!)

Then on Friday, I test all day long...12 guys in, 45 minutes, 12 guys out/12 guys in. I can do a group per hour. 60 guys out of the 300 I need to test on that yard. Then it is back to reading files.

I stopped by the scrapbook store for an actual scrapbook (the 12x12 kind, which I almost NEVER use), some paper and some glue. I like to go to this little independent local store instead of Michael's. I can park right in front, the gals know me and besides, if I don't shop there, it will close and then Michael's will be my only choice...sort of like WalMart. If there is something totally special I am looking for, I will STILL stop there first, just in case.

I hate big stores. Too many people. Too many cars. Too much sensory overload.


Paulie said...

Sounds like you are keeping out of trouble.

Hope you start feeling better tho.

My allergies are killing me. It's been a month of htis now. I entered one of my preschoolers paintings (that you liked) in an online photo blog "contest" and am sure proud of it. I am almost settled after my move. They keep calling me to sub and I refuse to this week. . . will again next week.

Don't be a stranger.

Anonymous said...

Glad you survived the last migraine attack. Jaysus those things suck. I was worried because you've been AWOL.

That is a cute sweater, is it not? I just think she's a tad OCD with it.