Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weeding is good for a person

I think I have weeded for about 60 hours this week---and I have only made a dent in it! I've been pumping out the koi pond (always my Easter weekend project); I use the water and bottom glop for the garden beds. I have so much green trash that i have filled up FOUR trash cans, when I decided to just stop bothering the neighbors and just have the trash trailer come by. (And this after I have filled my composter up all the way.

The garden boxes are weeded and turned (and filled with pond goop)-next week I make my little zig-zagged short rows. I plant carrots in each row, a week apart. I have three boxes of carrots--baby ones, sweet ones and then just a mixture of seeds. We eat a lot of carrots. Then I have cherry tomatoes on a wire hoop (photos when there is something to see) and another box with two wooden teepees so I can get them tied up and facing the sun. This year, I am also planting zuchinni and pumpkins in the front, by the roses, in the hopes that I will see AND pick the zukes before they weight 900 pounds. I'm planting a big variety of fancy pumpkins with the hopes that i will have enough to decorate in the fall.

I've ordered a bunch of seeds from ebay--only the ones I can't get locally. I try the local gardening shop first with my little list then I go to OSH and then Home Depot. THEN I'll go to ebay. I have had such luck with gardening seeds, not so much with the plants. I think that plants almost have to be grown in the county you are planting them in for it to work.

We had a giant freeze and I lost all of my wild I guess I will have to go to the river and see if I can find any. They are REALLY expensive on ebay and I had, oh, about 100 pounds of them. I'm going to look for waterlilies on the river, too. I know that they are there. I just have to hunt them down. And next time we have a freeze, I'm covering my water plants. The fish are fine...the pond is almost 10 feet deep at the deep end, so they are safe from the weather extremes.

I'm on the lookout for polliwogs on the river, as well. I have to get several gallon jars filled with the critters, since there they have a gigantic mortality rate. I have one frog from the millions I brought home several years ago...and I'd like to get a couple so maybe I would have to go searching for the eggs anymore. Although with my luck, I would probably end up with all males or all females!

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Paulie said...

Sounds like you have been busy getting your yard and garden ready for summer. If your zucchini gets too big for you and is around 3 inches in circumference, send them my way. I slice and fry with a coating on them. YUM! This year, I can't plant anything because I don't know where I will be.

Until photobucket gets its "remodeling" finished, I don't plan to write in my blog here. . . it's a pain. I will again someday but geesh the title is "postcards" and it won't even let me post any photos -- at least I haven't been able to upload new ones. Thus I am on hiatus on my blog here. . .

I am posting on a new yahoo one that I connected to Donna with but that one will strictly be about cardmaking --with photos, stampin' and other ideas.

Glad to see you writing in yours tho. What you been doing --knitting wise --lately?