Monday, April 30, 2007

Sidebar links!

I figured out how to get links in the sidebar but not in the body of my posts. Ya learn something every day...just not enough and my learning curve is a tad...ummm...flat.


Novel said...

Your background has changed! Much easier to read, but I don't picture you as a white person - with the exception of the hair ;o)

Good luchk with the return to work. What did the doc say about surgery? Hope you feel a lot better very soon.

Paulie said...

I like your new set up. . . I finally added some links to mine because of the power of suggestion! lol

Did you know that you can drag-- the things you have on the right -- around so you can put them in the order you want? I just figured that out! I changed mine a lot. I also put the photo of the leaves in that area under one of the titles just by knowing the html for the photo.

You can also put a photo of your knitting or something else in your title area. Maybe your hotel?

Glad to see you adding to your blog again.

Anonymous said...

When you are composing, there is a little icon on the toolbar that looks like a world with one link from a chain in the middle. THAT is how you add links into your blog. It opens a new window and you type in the URL of the link.

I type the whole paragraph and then go back and highlight the link, like A La Turca on my blog. I have to do that because if I don't, it makes the whole freaking sentence part of the link.

So I have only kinda know how to add links.

Paulie said...

Hi again. I wanted to tell you how I make clickable links IN THE POST.

I just put this html there:

Here I name the link

That's all there is to it.

Paulie said...

OK so it made a link. . . I will separate it by spaces and try again. . .

Ok they said I was writing html and it was broken and would not post the comment. I will write email later.