Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's 100 at home

Where am I? Central Coast where it is cold, damp and foggy...the whole reason we spend time at the coast is that it is cool when it is hot at home and sunny when it is foggy at home. But this weekend was just the teeniest indulgent. Sometime today, I do need to water my garden....I weeded, rooted out and racked like a crazy person two weeks ago (Neighborhood Clean Up Day).

Yesterday, Darling and I went shopping for a surprise that we couldn;t find anything that suited me. So of course, Darling will have to custom make it. I want it to wrap around the window and have space for the TV but not look modern. He'll veneer it with knotty pine paneling from the 50's (from a tear down, natch). The cabinets will have the fronts cut out and have a latticework of rope, but the drawers will have some kind of real hardware.

Julie's baby sweater was finished on the flying trip to Arizona. It just needs to be seamed, washed and then have all the ends woven in. Hope the head is big enough. I always worry about the head not fitting, no matter how much measuring I do.

Now, I'm working on a HUGE afgan for my mother. It was supposed to be finished by Christmas. Now, it's a mother's day gift. And I really need to get in gear to meet that deadline.

After this, I have some fingerless mitts to make for my FIL, who spends every day chilled to the bone. The colorway is called "sunset flame" and I think it will work up nicely. Then I have a sweater for Girlie and a cardi for Darling. THEN I will only knit for myself. I have a grand stash that I need to get rid of via ebay....too much yellow! What was I thinking? That yellow afgan of Darling's just about did me in. I think I am NOT an afgan knitter....too much of a time committment.

This coming week, I am getting all of my "excess" books out of this house and up into the library at the hotel. I need to measure my card catalogs and see where they are going to go into my wee little office. I just want to be able to sew or rubber stamp or just sit and look at my yarn. I already have a good chair and file cabinets (they need to be sprayed, since none of them match).

When I was in Arizona, I visited my sister in law, who has painted every wall of her house with great colors...turquoise, serape red, dawn pink, cobalt blue. Loved it. Loved the pinky-lavendar of her bedroom....and I don't even like lavendar. She is moving out to more bold colors, which is giving me the much needed SHOVE....I will be missing my Tampa Bay turquoise/teal/aqua but you can't be dragging the same wall color into every house for the rest of your life!

I will be surfing the 'Net, looking for a botanical that both goes with the main colrscheme of the hotel AND has a lot of potential for lots of pattern in the bedroom/bathroom/sitting room/office and closet. I'll be doing all of the soft goods (I keep saying that to prime the pump, as it were, since there will be MILES of straight sewing to do. Miles and miles and miles. All straight but a lot of it. Did I mention miles? Like to Africa and back. On horseback.)

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